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About Study Cryptos

Our Online Class

This course will give you an introduction to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technolgy. You will learn key terminology, how to buy, store and track your cryptocurrency. You will also learn how Blockchain Technology works and the opportunities available.

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"Crypto & Chill" Workshops

We love to engage face to face with our students! We hold free"Crypto & Chill" workshops to help you learn and network with other students and businesses in the space. We also host workshops with our business partners in the industry. Topics include, "Cryptocurrency Trading" and "Blockchain in Real Estate". To learn more about these events, be sure to join our newsletter! 

Our Mission

The company's mission is to provide education on the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology to individuals in the finance sector, business owners and individuals curious about the Cryptocurrency space.


We have created online classes that get straight to the point, provide specifics on how both Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology work and allows users to learn at their own pace.

Our Values

We help our customers by providing knowledge about how to invest in cryptocurrency, help them speed up the learning curve and we provide opportunities to network with likeminded individuals in the space.


This class will help you save time and money by providing the correct procedures and provide key information to help you reduce risk while investing.

Why Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future. As we look at the evolution of money, cryptocurrency is naturally the next step in shifting how we use and think of money. We are passionate about spreading this new and exciting technology as it will be as revolutionary as the internet.